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Pro Outdoor Expert Lawn Aeration Service

Pro Outdoor's Expert Lawn Aeration Service revitalizes your lawn by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil more effectively. Our specialized process helps to break up compacted soil, fostering stronger root growth and a healthier, more lush lawn. Perfect for enhancing turf health and resilience, this service is essential for maintaining a vibrant outdoor space.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Aeration

Enhanced Soil Oxygenation

Lawn aeration improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, crucial for root growth and overall turf health.

Nutrient Absorption

The process facilitates better penetration of water and nutrients into the soil, leading to a more nourished and robust lawn.

Reduced Soil Compaction

Aeration alleviates soil compaction, allowing roots to expand and strengthen, resulting in a thicker, greener lawn.

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What Your Neighbors Think


These guys solved a problem we’ve struggled with for nine years within four hours! Brandon assessed our situation and explained his opinion of the solution, sent us the contract and executed it the moment the St. Augustine sod became available, juggling their schedule and making it happen. I watched in amazement as Jose and Javier arrived and went right to work! They’re all just as polite as can be but they don’t dilly dally! They removed the weeds taking great care not to harm our historic oak or my nandinas. As they laid the sod, they requested a hose and sprinkler to water the grass as they laid it. It was truly a wonder to see how precise and thorough they work! Good people. Good company.

Billy & Pat Guin


I have used Pro Outdoor at our communities for many years now. Their business has grown exponentially over the years and their service has grown as well. They are professional and courteous with our residents and staff. I couldn't ask for anymore from a business! They are great at what they do!

Greystone at Oakland


I recently purchased a new home and my yard needed a facelift. I needed all of my flower beds to be cleaned out, my shrubs to  trimmed and shaped, and new pine straw laid. Pro Outdoor provided a quote AND started the work very quickly. In fact, they arrived a day early. I am super impressed with the work, the communication, and my overall impression was A+.

Ashley Rhodes


I have been using Pro Outdoor since Mike Gonzales bought the company I was doing lawn care with at the time. Since then I have found this company to be very professional in their job. Mike listens to what you need done in your yard and takes care to get it done right. They do everything when it comes to lawn care. They come on time and they get right to work. No messing around. The workers are very courteous and work hard. I would recommend this company for lawn care very highly and to all my friends.

Marla Clower

Your Landscape, Our Promise - 100% Excellence Guaranteed

At Pro Outdoor, we dedicate ourselves to delivering superior landscaping services. If our work doesn't meet your expectations, we commit to either rectifying it to your complete satisfaction or providing a full refund. Your trust, our responsibility!

Enhanced Soil Oxygenation

The process of enhancing soil oxygenation is a critical aspect of our aeration service. Grass roots require adequate oxygen to thrive, and compacted soil can starve them of this essential element. Our aeration technique counteracts this by increasing the soil's breathability. This is particularly beneficial in soils with high clay content, which are prone to waterlogging and poor air circulation. Improved air exchange in the soil promotes healthier and more robust grass growth. Regular aeration can transform a struggling lawn into a lush, green oasis, reflecting the care and attention it receives.

Better Nutrient Uptake

In addition to oxygenation, our lawn aeration service significantly improves the lawn's ability to absorb nutrients and water. The aeration process creates pathways that allow these essential elements to travel more efficiently from the surface to the roots. This is especially important for lawns on compacted soil or those with thatch buildup, which can act as barriers to nutrient and water absorption. By ensuring that fertilizers, water, and other lawn treatments are effectively utilized, our service helps maintain a dense, green, and healthy turf. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the lawn but also contributes to its overall health and resilience against pests, diseases, and weather extremes.

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