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Pro Outdoor Expert Lawn Fertilization Service

Pro Outdoor's Expert Lawn Fertilization Service is tailored to enhance your lawn's health and vigor. Our skilled team applies premium quality fertilizers, chosen specifically for your lawn's unique needs. This service ensures balanced nutrient supply, promoting lush, green growth and bolstering your lawn's resilience against environmental stressors. Optimal fertilization timing and techniques used by our professionals guarantee a visibly healthier and more robust lawn.

Benefits of Professional Lawn Fertilization

Enhanced Lawn Health

Our fertilization service provides essential nutrients, resulting in a healthier, more resilient lawn. This improves root strength and grass vitality.

Lush, Vibrant Appearance

Proper fertilization leads to denser, greener grass, significantly enhancing your lawn's visual appeal and overall aesthetic.

Disease and Pest Resistance

A well-fertilized lawn is better equipped to resist diseases and pests, reducing the need for chemical treatments and maintaining a natural, healthy outdoor environment.

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What Your Neighbors Think


These guys solved a problem we’ve struggled with for nine years within four hours! Brandon assessed our situation and explained his opinion of the solution, sent us the contract and executed it the moment the St. Augustine sod became available, juggling their schedule and making it happen. I watched in amazement as Jose and Javier arrived and went right to work! They’re all just as polite as can be but they don’t dilly dally! They removed the weeds taking great care not to harm our historic oak or my nandinas. As they laid the sod, they requested a hose and sprinkler to water the grass as they laid it. It was truly a wonder to see how precise and thorough they work! Good people. Good company.

Billy & Pat Guin


I have used Pro Outdoor at our communities for many years now. Their business has grown exponentially over the years and their service has grown as well. They are professional and courteous with our residents and staff. I couldn't ask for anymore from a business! They are great at what they do!

Greystone at Oakland


I recently purchased a new home and my yard needed a facelift. I needed all of my flower beds to be cleaned out, my shrubs to  trimmed and shaped, and new pine straw laid. Pro Outdoor provided a quote AND started the work very quickly. In fact, they arrived a day early. I am super impressed with the work, the communication, and my overall impression was A+.

Ashley Rhodes


I have been using Pro Outdoor since Mike Gonzales bought the company I was doing lawn care with at the time. Since then I have found this company to be very professional in their job. Mike listens to what you need done in your yard and takes care to get it done right. They do everything when it comes to lawn care. They come on time and they get right to work. No messing around. The workers are very courteous and work hard. I would recommend this company for lawn care very highly and to all my friends.

Marla Clower

Your Landscape, Our Promise - 100% Excellence Guaranteed

At Pro Outdoor, we dedicate ourselves to delivering superior landscaping services. If our work doesn't meet your expectations, we commit to either rectifying it to your complete satisfaction or providing a full refund. Your trust, our responsibility!

Our 8 Round Program

Early Spring Service
Late Spring Service
Mid Summer Weed Control
Mid Summer Fertilizer
Early Fall Service
Late Fall Service
Fall/Winter Service
Winter/Spring Service

Pre-emergent mixtures will be used to prevent weed growth that may have been dormant throughout the winter, and post-emergent weed control will be applied to any areas where weeds have already sprouted or survived through the pre-emergent.

With this application we will be providing your lawn with a slow release fertilizer so we can give your lawn the right amount of nutrients over the next few weeks as spring is in full swing.

This visit will have a focus on weed control particularly spot spraying any weeds that have crept their way into your lawn in order to keep it nice and healthy as Spring turns to Summer.

In this application we will keep spot spraying any weeds that have popped up, but we will be focusing on hitting your lawn with just the right amount of fertilizer to keep the grass strong and healthy.

As fall marches in so too do the ants, thankfully alongside this application we also treat for fire ants so you can fully enjoy your lawn this time of the year.

Around late fall early winter we often times see a resurgence in weeds. We focus on keeping these away with some pre and post emergents that will help your lawn now and as it goes into winter to help keep weeds away for next year.

With our previous application focusing on controlling the weeds, this one we focus on giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to remain strong throughout the winter and ready to thrive next Spring.

Our last application of the year we put down a fungicide in order to keep your lawn safe from common fungi that kill lawns here in Georgia.

Nutrient-Rich Lawn Care

This part of our service is focused on delivering a rich blend of essential nutrients that promote vigorous root growth and lush foliage. We understand that different grass types have varying nutritional requirements; hence, our fertilization plan is customized accordingly. This tailored approach not only enhances the growth and color of your grass but also ensures that the fertilizers are used efficiently, reducing runoff and environmental impact. Regular fertilization as part of our service helps in maintaining a consistent lawn density, which is key to a beautiful landscape and can significantly boost your property’s curb appeal.

Resilience Against Stressors

Our fertilization service does more than just nourish; it builds resilience. A well-nourished lawn is naturally more resistant to diseases, pests, and the stress caused by extreme weather conditions. By strengthening the grass at a cellular level, our fertilization process enhances the lawn’s innate defense mechanisms. This aspect of our service is particularly vital for maintaining a healthy ecosystem within your yard, as it reduces the need for chemical treatments that can be harmful to the environment. With our expert care, your lawn remains a vibrant, healthy, and environmentally friendly space, contributing to the overall ecosystem of your property.

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